What Are Ways To Keep My Car Cool This Summer?

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Close-up,Of,Air,Vent,In,Car.,Red,Emergency,Button,OnAs the temperatures soar during the summer months, finding ways to keep our cars cool becomes essential. The scorching heat can not only be unbearable for us, but it can also take a toll on our vehicles. From potential damage to discomfort while driving, it’s crucial to implement strategies to beat the heat. In this blog post, we will explore various ways to keep your car cool this summer, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience.

1. Park in the shade

One of the most effective ways to keep your car cool is to find shaded parking spots. Parking under a tree or in shade will significantly reduce the amount of direct sunlight your vehicle receives, preventing it from turning into an oven on wheels. Before leaving your car parked, scout the area for shade or consider investing in a car shade or a windshield cover to provide additional protection.

2. Use window shades

If you can’t find a shady parking spot, window shades can be a lifesaver. Designed to block the sun’s rays, these shades can significantly reduce the amount of heat that enters your car. Place them on your windshield and windows to keep the interior temperatures down, enabling you to return to a pleasant, cool car rather than stepping into a stifling oven.

3. Utilize sun visors

Sun visors may seem like a small detail, but they can make a substantial difference in keeping your car cool. When parking, make sure to position your sun visors to block the sun from directly hitting the windshield and windows. This simple act can help reduce the amount of heat that builds up inside your car, making it more enjoyable when returning to it.

4. Crack your windows

Opening your windows just a crack can promote airflow and alleviate the buildup of hot air inside your car. This small opening will allow the hot air to escape, preventing the interior from becoming excessively hot. However, it’s important to ensure that the window is not open wide enough for potential theft or rain to enter the vehicle.

5. Use a sunshade for your steering wheel

Steering wheels can become incredibly hot to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight. Investing in a sunshade specifically designed for your steering wheel can help maintain a cooler temperature and prevent discomfort when you get back behind the wheel. Additionally, it can also protect your steering wheel from sun damage and potential cracking or fading.

6. Consider tinting your windows

Window tinting not only provides privacy but can also help reduce the amount of heat that enters your car. Tinted windows can block a significant percentage of the sun’s infrared rays, resulting in a cooler interior. However, it’s crucial to verify and abide by local regulations regarding tinted windows to avoid any legal issues.

7. Use seat covers

Excessive heat can make sitting in your car an uncomfortable experience. Investing in seat covers specifically designed to reflect heat can significantly improve your comfort level. These covers are typically made of materials that don’t absorb heat, allowing you to sit down without burning your legs or back. Additionally, they can protect the seats from fading or cracking due to prolonged sun exposure.

8. Service your air conditioning

Having a well-functioning air conditioning system is essential for keeping your car cool during the scorching summer months. Regularly service your car’s air conditioning system to ensure it is working optimally. If you notice any issues, such as decreased cooling performance or strange smells, take your car to a certified mechanic for inspection and necessary repairs.


Keeping your car cool in the summer is not only about comfort but also about maintaining your vehicle’s longevity. By implementing these strategies, such as parking in the shade, using window shades, and servicing your air conditioning, you can enjoy a cooler and more comfortable driving experience. Remember, taking care of your car during the hot season will not only make you happier but also extend the life of your vehicle’s components. Stay cool and safe on the roads this summer!

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