Custom Auto Painting

Usually the final step in any restoration or auto body job is to give the vehicle a brand new coat of paint. This is what truly makes your vehicle come away looking fresh and brand new. At Lentz Auto Body, we use paint that is extremely high quality and environmentally friendly product, to give your vehicle the fresh look it so desperately needs.Not only do we provide full standard paint jobs, but we are also happy to provide custom auto painting in Middletown, NJ. If you have a special design or decal you want painted onto your vehicle, we are happy to make the modification to give your vehicle a truly personal touch.

Here are just a few reasons why high quality auto painting in Middletown, NJ is so important for a vehicle:

  • Protection: High quality paint shields a vehicle’s body from moisture and other potential contaminants, such as bird droppings, dirt, bugs and tree sap. Moisture is especially terrible for most vehicle bodies, as it can eventually lead to rust and the overall weakening of the vehicle’s structure.
  • Appearance: For most people, the paint job is the first thing they notice about a vehicle. A poor quality paint job will make your vehicle look bad, while a high quality paint job will give it a striking appearance.
  • Value: Appearance is one of the main factors in determining a vehicle’s value when you decide to put it up for sale. Giving your vehicle a fresh coat of paint before you sell it can help you to get more out of the sale.
  • Personality: Custom paint jobs offer you a chance to put your personality on display every time you go out on the road.

For more information about auto painting in Middletown, NJ, we encourage you to reach out to us today at Lentz Auto Body. Call us at 732-787-0800.

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