How Do I Protect My Car From Summer Storms?

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Moscow,,Russia,-,July,6:,American,Muscle,Car,Dodge,ChallengerSummer storms can wreak havoc on our cars, causing damage ranging from minor scratches to major accidents. As car owners, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect our vehicles from these unpredictable weather conditions. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective ways to safeguard your car from summer storms.

Stay Informed

1. Monitor weather forecasts: Keep a close eye on weather updates, specifically looking out for severe storm warnings. This will give you ample time to prepare and take necessary precautions to protect your car.

2. Subscribe to weather alerts: Sign up for text or email notifications from your local weather service. This way, you will receive instant updates about any impending storms or severe weather conditions.

Prepare Your Vehicle

3. Park safely: During a summer storm, it is essential to park your car in a safe location. If possible, park it indoors in a garage or covered area. If not, try to find a spot away from trees, power lines, or any structures that may collapse in high winds.

4. Use a car cover: If you don’t have access to a covered parking space, invest in a high-quality car cover. This will provide protection against rain, hail, and flying debris. Make sure the cover is designed for your specific car model to ensure a secure fit.

5. Trim nearby trees: Trim any overhanging limbs or branches near where you usually park your car. During storms, these can break off and cause significant damage to your vehicle.

6. Check wiper blades and tires: Ensure that your wiper blades are in good condition, as heavy rainfall can impair visibility. Additionally, make sure your tires have adequate tread depth to prevent hydroplaning on wet roads.

7. Maintain a full tank of gas: During severe storms, fuel shortages may occur, making it difficult to refill your gas tank. Keeping a full tank of gas ensures that you can travel to a safe location if necessary.

During the Storm

8. Find shelter: If you are driving when a storm hits, look for a safe place to pull over and wait until the storm passes. Avoid parking under bridges, as they can provide inadequate protection in severe weather conditions.

9. Turn on hazard lights: To increase visibility to other drivers and minimize the risk of accidents, turn on your hazard lights during heavy rain or low visibility caused by storms.

10. Avoid flooded areas: Do not attempt to drive through flooded roads or standing water. It is difficult to determine the depth of the water, and even a small amount can cause engine damage or sweep your car away.

After the Storm

11. Inspect for damage: Once the storm has passed, carefully inspect your car for any signs of damage. Look for dents, scratches, broken glass, or loose parts. If you notice any issues, document them with photographs and report them to your insurance company.

12. Dry out the interior: In case your car’s interior got wet during the storm, it is important to dry it out as soon as possible. Use absorbent towels or a wet/dry vacuum to remove excessive moisture, preventing mold and mildew buildup.

13. Schedule a maintenance check: If you suspect any damage to your vehicle, it is crucial to take it to a certified mechanic for a thorough inspection. They can identify and address any underlying issues caused by the storm.


Summer storms are unpredictable and can cause significant damage to our vehicles. However, by staying informed, preparing your vehicle, and taking necessary precautions, you can minimize the risk of your car being damaged during these severe weather conditions. Remember, it is essential to prioritize safety and take immediate action if you suspect any damage.

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