How Do I Protect My Newly Painted Car?

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Once you’ve gone through the painstaking process of selecting the perfect paint for your car and have a professional apply it, you want to do everything you can to protect it. Luckily, there are many ways to keep that new finish as fresh as the day it was put on. Keep reading to discover how to maintain the new paint on your vehicle.

What Are Tips to Protect My Newly Painted Car?

Every time you use your newly painted vehicle, you’ll want to be mindful of some things you should do and avoid. So here are some great ways to keep the paint on your car looking like new for a long time.

  1. Don’t wash or apply anything to your car’s new paint for at least 90 days after your paint job is completed. If you get dirt, debris, or any unpleasant droppings from birds on your vehicle, rinse it gently with water and use a microfiber towel made explicitly for cars to wipe it off. 
  2. When it’s time to wash your car, make sure that you do it as gently as possible by hand or use a touchless wash service. If you do wash your car by hand, be sure to use cold water in the summer and warm water in the winter. Also, use the mildest soap that you can find.
  3. Your new finish can benefit from waxing a few months after it’s been painted. Don’t go for the most economical wax if you can help it. A high-performing wax can protect your car against most environmental threats and keep it shiny longer.
  4. Avoid parking in direct sunlight whenever possible. The harmful rays can cause your paint to become dull, fade or crack. If you have to park where the sun hits your car, you can go the extra mile and position your car in a direction that minimizes how much sunlight hits your vehicle.
  5. How do I protect my newly painted car? The last thing you want to consider is what to do if your paint becomes chipped or scratched. Unfortunately, keeping your car safe from everything in the natural world is impossible. If you notice a chop or scratch, get the spot repaired immediately to avoid further damage.
  6. Avoid areas where your car could be compromised or damaged. Don’t park underneath trees or in lots where you see plenty of bird traffic, as their excrement can destroy paint on a car. Never drive on gravel, dirt roads, or anywhere projectiles from the surface could damage your paint.
  7. If you live where you have sand and/or salt on the roads during winter, don’t neglect the bottom and underside of your car. Make sure to clean those areas off regularly to avoid deterioration.
  8. When you have snow or ice on your vehicle, never scrape it off. Always use a brush.

When you love your car’s new paint, you’ll want to ensure that it stays pristine for as long as possible. Some of these tips might require extra effort and time, but having the best-looking automotive paint job is worth it.


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