What Are the Signs I Need Auto Body Repair?

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How can I tell if my car needs auto body repair? There are many clear indicators that your vehicle requires work from an auto body specialist. Auto body repair specialists handle cosmetic issues on vehicles, including scratches and dents. They don’t handle any mechanical-related issues. But, auto body damage can be serious, especially if you don’t get it fixed. Continue reading to learn when you should take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop.

Signs My Vehicle Needs to be Taken to an Auto Body Repair Shop

What are the signs I need auto body repair? Here are several.


If you notice obvious scratches on your car that are deep enough to expose the metal underneath the paint, it is time you need to schedule a repair. Scratches are considered a problem since, when deep enough, they can allow water and moisture to settle. This, in turn, can cause rust to develop on your car, leading to even more damage. Scratches will be sanded down first before the problematic area is repainted. This will reduce the chances of more damage from occurring. 

Dings & Dents

Having many dings and dents on your vehicle, no matter the size is always something to be concerned about. Dents that are present in the frame of your vehicle can cause damage to your axle, tires, and suspension. This can cause your tires to be pushed out of alignment. In turn, this can put more stress on your tires when they are in use and even put your vehicle at a higher chance of developing mechanical issues later on.

It is important that you have an auto body repair specialist inspect the dents on your car so they can figure out if they are trivial and need to be taken care of immediately. This can help you avoid costly repairs later on.


If you notice that the paint on your vehicle has begun to fade, you can have an auto body shop take a look. You may even notice that certain areas of the car are more noticeable than others. Paint fading can happen as a result of UV exposure and various weather conditions. Paint that has begun to fade is no longer thick, which means it doesn’t have the ability to keep the metal underneath the paint protected any longer. This can result in the formation of rust.

It is important that you have your vehicle repainted to improve the appearance of your car. It will also protect your vehicle. Furthermore, following a new paint job, you should be careful when washing and waxing your vehicle.

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