Can My Headlight Be Out of Alignment?

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The answer is yes. Headlights are something we don’t typically give a second thought to until there is a problem. It might be a small difference in your visual acuity or a slight change in the way the road appears (or doesn’t appear) at night. In many cases, these subtle alignment slips are immediately recognizable to the naked eye. 

The good news is headlight leveling systems can help keep our headlights in alignment. The bad news is most of us just don’t have the skills or tools necessary, just lying around the house or garage. Fortunately, there are handy body shops like Lentz Auto Body to help.

How Do Headlights Go Out of Alignment?

Yes, it happens; headlights go out of alignment, but how does it happen and what do you do when it does? There are those minor headlight alignment issues, perhaps the result of delicate joints and the adjustment screws, and the major issues when your headlight is spotlighting worms on the pavement. 

There are many reasons why your headlights may become misaligned. Even simple years on the road, perhaps for vehicles that travel many miles a year over less-than-ideal terrain, can cause alignment issues. 

Many people are unaware that a collision to any vehicle part can create headlight alignment issues. Potholes are another common culprit, like that last crater that nearly bottomed out your truck. 

Even repairs can be the source of the alignment issue. Have you recently installed a new headlight fixture, or was it a DIY job? Regardless of how the repair was made, it may be impossible to properly align your headlights alone without working headlight leveling systems.

From AutoBody Repairs to Headlight Alignment

Misaligned headlights can create serious issues such as impacting your vision at night. A recurring headlight out-of-alignment issue could also be an indication of a potential problem with delicate joints or failing adjustment screws.

At Lentz Auto Body, if you think your headlights may be out of alignment, we can check. If you need a realignment, we can help. And for all of your auto body needs, the Lentz Auto Body family has the experience and know-how to make it right.

If you need a headlight checked, or if you have any type of auto body repair needs, contact us today. From your headlights to auto body repairs, Lentz Auto Body will set it straight.

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