What Do I Do If My Car Breaks Down?

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Car breakdowns are inevitable, but you can prevent them by taking your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance in a timely fashion. Still, you may experience an issue such as a tire blowout, an electric issue, or another unforeseen problem. It’s crucial that you act swiftly to keep yourself safe and cut down on the expenses relating to repairs. Here’s what you need to immediately do if your car breaks down on the road:

Calm yourself and get to a safe location

A million questions and thoughts are probably going through your head. "What steps do I take when my car breaks down?" is most likely the first one that comes to mind. The first thing to do when your car breaks down on the road is to try to get it to a safe place.

Move it to the farthest roadside you can get it to, and take a minute to breathe. If it breaks down at night, you’ll need to make your vehicle as visible as possible. You can do this by putting your hood up or using cones, flares, or reflectors if you have them. 

Though you’re probably worried about repair costs and transportation, you must try to calm yourself. You will get through this difficult time. Take a step back and tell yourself that it will be okay eventually. 

Call for roadside assistance immediately

You need to call for help when you get to safety. Roadside assistance should be your first call aside from the police if an accident occurs. A roadside assistance add-on with your vehicular insurance is the best way to ensure you can get help when needed. The plan provides battery jumps, fuel fill-ups, and towing services if you need them. Someone can assist you shortly after you call in for the service. 

Inspect the vehicle

You should stay in the car if you are too close to the road to remove yourself safely. Otherwise, you can inspect the vehicle while you wait for roadside assistance or police officers. Look around to see if you can locate any leaks, broken hoses, frayed wires, or disconnected items you can quickly re-connect. Take note of all complex issues you find so you can relay them to the mechanic.

Think of a recovery plan

Next, you must consider a recovery plan to get your car back on the road. The towing company can take your vehicle to a nearby shop if you want a professional technician to repair your car. Alternatively, you may know someone who can fix the issue.

Think about how you will pay for the services and what you’ll do for transportation while you wait for repairs. Car insurance add-ons can help you with the costs of car rentals if you need a temporary vehicle.   

Now you know the answer to the crucial question, "What do I do if my car breaks down?" Take a deep breath, get out of harm’s way, call for help, and use the benefits you’ve obtained from your insurance provider. 

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