How Often Should I Get My Brakes Checked?

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How often should I get my brakes checked? This is a question you will likely ask yourself from time to time. A functional braking system is a critical component of your car safety. Investing in regular maintenance, inspection, and repairs will provide you with the vehicle safety and peace of mind you need. You will also avoid costly expenses in the long run. But how often should you do it? Various aspects will determine how frequently you need to do this, including the following.

Semi-Annual Checks

On average, what is the timeframe for getting brakes checked? Most experts recommend inspecting and maintaining your braking system every six months. You could also consider doing it alongside your tire rotation. These semi-annual checks are substantially comprehensive, addressing multiple concerns that could affect your safety over time.

Once You Clock 20,000 Miles

Your brake system will only be as strong as how long you have driven. You will need to consider inspecting and maintaining this system if you travel for long distances, particularly over 10,000 miles. Some experts suggest you can hold on until you hit the 25,000-mark.

However, you will need comprehensive servicing once you reach the 25,000-mark. A technician will check different braking system elements at this point, ensuring that everything functions accordingly.

Unusual Vibrations

Every time you hear unusual vibrations within the steering system, you’ll need to be highly cautious. It could indicate that your braking system has an issue. You may hear these vibrations every time you go downhill or drive at high speeds.

Vibrations often result from warped motors. Every time the brake pads press against a warped rotor, expect the vibration to increase. Your vehicle could also shake slightly. Sometimes, these vibrations will happen under your seat, showing that the front brakes are the issue.

Loud Sounds

Grinding and growling sounds from your braking system indicate a significant issue that needs to be addressed immediately. This sound will happen at any time, highlighting worn-out pads. In such instances, you will have to replace your brake pads. Any slight delay could result in more damage to the car.

You can avoid these loud sounds by investing in frequent inspection and maintenance services. Professionals will advise when to replace the pads, ensuring that the problem does not worsen.

Unusual Pulling

You will likely witness your vehicle pulling in a specific direction whenever you press the brakes. In this case, one of your calipers may be stuck. Alternatively, the brake hose could collapse, or the brake pads are unevenly worn out. An experienced professional will ensure that you get the utmost, assuring you of unmatched safety in the long run.

You may experience reduced responsiveness. In this case, you might need to apply more pressure to the pedal. This problem could expose you to multiple safety issues and even fatal accidents. Whenever it happens, it is essential to get help.

Have you experienced any of the signs above? The signs above show that you need to instantly inspect and service your braking system. Visit Lentz Auto Body and get your vehicle checked. Our professionals will offer comprehensive brake system inspection and servicing.


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