Why Is Spring the Best Time to Have Your Vehicle Detailed?

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You likely are aware of the need to give your home a good spring cleaning. Your car also needs a good spring cleaning inside and out. If you ever wondered, "When is the best time of year to detail my car?" — spring is the answer.

Leaves dropping in the fall, snow falling in the winter, and rain and sun in between take a toll on your vehicle.

Snow is especially debilitating for vehicles. The tires can throw slushy snow up into cracks and crevices underneath, and your feet can track wet snow into the interior.

Even if you live in a relatively snow-free locale, the fall and winter weather can put a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. Spring detailing could make it look and smell like new again.

If you want to know why is spring a good time to detail my car, the answer is to get rid of the mess that fall and winter threw at it.

Common Spring Detailing Tasks

The detailing process is relatively simple and does not require costly materials. It only requires patience and meticulous care to ensure the best results.

The general steps for the spring detailing of the exterior are:

  • Remove the old wax and sealer.
  • Fix small scratches and polish the paint.
  • Apply wax and sealant.

It starts with a simple wash and rinse to get rid of the obvious dirt and debris. Then you can get more detailed by scrubbing off any contaminants. Those often include road grime, road tar, bird droppings, and the remains of dead bugs.

Make the Paint Shine Like New

Once all contaminants are removed, remove any of the old wax and sealer that you may have applied in the fall. You can remove the wax with a clay bar and a clay bar lubricant. You can make your own lubricant with very soapy water or buy a dedicated lubricant along with the clay bar.

Removing the old wax helps expose the clear coat and show any imperfections in the painted surfaces. Any stone chips or scratches could be filled in with touch-up paint. You also could use a buffing wheel and polish to remove light scratches that might require minor wet-sanding. Polishing the clear coat will help to even out the color on the painted surface while removing minor imperfections.

Once the clear coat is polished and the paint looks even and smooth, you can apply more wax and sealer. That will help create a protective layer between the clear coat and the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also prevents penetration by contaminants that commonly occur while driving through the spring and summer.

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