Why You Should Hire a Professional to Paint Your Car

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Painting your car can be necessary for any number of reasons. Maybe you got into a collision and need the new parts to match the rest of the car, or maybe you’re just tired of the old color and want to freshen things up.

No matter the reason, this is one job you shouldn’t try to DIY—the potential for making an unattractive mess is simply too high. It’s well worth the cost to get your car professionally painted if you’re going to get it painted at all.

Read on for some more insight into exactly why this initial investment will turn out to be well worth it in both the short and the long term.

Control over the elements

A professional auto body shop is going to have a bake booth that will control outside elements that can wreak havoc on a paint job. This type of specialized environment is out of reach for many DIY-ers, and that can have real repercussions.

Elements like fluctuating humidity and temperature can severely hamper your attempts at a smooth, even coat. Excess humidity, for example, will cause the final clear coat to look hazy or bloomed, a terrible look that might even cause you to start over. For this equipment challenge alone it’s well worth the price to hire a professional to paint your car.

Spraying equipment and quality paint

Access to quality paint is something that all of us can enjoy thanks to the wonders of the internet, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to apply it properly. Again, it’s worth the cost to get your car professionally painted simply because auto shops have access to expensive equipment that you likely don’t.

For example, professional painters use a filter on the compressed air that feeds the spray nozzle. Most DIY-ers don’t have access to that type of filtration and, as a result, will spray the oil from inside the compressor onto the surface of the car. This is a nightmare scenario that will instantly ruin the look of the car’s paint—just one more reason why you should hire a professional to paint your car.

Safety concerns

Our final point is actually the most important one. All professional painters are trained to do their jobs in a safe and effective manner while utilizing the proper personal protective equipment. While we know that DIY-ers do their best to keep themselves safe as well, it usually isn’t quite the same. They haven’t been trained on how to properly apply and wear all of these tools, which could cause risk to themselves. For your own respiratory safety alone, it’s well worth the cost to get your car professionally painted.

If you’re in the market for a new paint job for your car and have decided to avoid the DIY route, you’re in luck. Lentz Auto Body has been serving the area since 1953, and all of our technicians are well trained at getting your car to look as good as the day it rolled off the production line.

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