The Importance of Professional Auto Glass Repair

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Whether it’s from kicked-up road debris, hail damage or something else, windshield cracks are common among all makes and models. Even if a little crack or chip doesn’t impede your vision, it still needs to be corrected ASAP.

Keep in mind that windshield repair isn’t a DIY job. The answer is yes to the question, “Should I hire a professional to repair my auto glass?” Continue reading to learn more.

Improved safety

The most important reason to hire a professional for auto glass repair is to ensure your safety behind the wheel. A small crack or chip in a windshield can cause the whole thing to shatter at a moment’s notice, so your vehicle is essentially a ticking time bomb for an accident to occur.

When you hire a professional to make the repair, you can trust that they’re only using the highest-quality products—not the silicone gel you find at the local auto shop. This won’t just improve your vehicle’s safety, but it’ll also provide longer-lasting results.

Save your time

When we’re asked, “What are the benefits of having a professional fix my auto glass?” we tell customers that it’ll save them a ton of time and effort. Even fixing a small chip can take a first-timer a few hours to get done.

Instead of wasting your weekend out in the garage, just bring your vehicle into a professional. They’ll get the same job done in a fraction of the time. Plus, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Pros have all the right tools

Another one of the benefits of having a professional fix your auto glass is that they have all of the proper tools and materials for the job. A professional’s toolkit includes everything needed to tackle the task without causing any further damage to your windshield. These expert tools also lead to guaranteed, long-lasting results.

Get professional advice

Knowing whether you can repair a damaged windshield or if it needs to be replaced isn’t always easy. While that small crack might look like a fixable problem to an untrained eye, a professional will identify if replacement is the only option. Whether they can make a repair or need to replace it, bring your car to a pro to ensure your windshield is in perfect condition.

Get a warranty

Finally, professionals often provide a warranty guaranteeing their work up to a certain point. With a warranty in hand, you can sleep easy knowing that your windshield is covered and you won’t have to pay if something else goes wrong with it. That certainly isn’t the case if you try going the DIY route for windshield repair or replacement.

Damaged windshield? Call our team

With winter weather often comes an increased chance for windshield damage. If that’s the case, be sure to choose Lentz Auto Body to set it straight. We’re the most experienced team for all sorts of auto body repair—plus, we offer fair pricing for all of our services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn why everyone should hire a professional to repair auto glass.

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