Why You Should Leave Dent Repair to the Professionals

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Nobody likes to drive around in a vehicle with dents in it. It doesn’t look good, and it can be frustrating to look at every time you need to get into the car to drive somewhere. It may be tempting to try to fix it yourself, but that’s not always the best solution. There are many reasons you should get your dent fixed professionally instead.

Maybe you are considering the DIY approach because you want to save some money, or maybe it’s just a minor repair and you’re feeling confident that you can do just as good a job as the auto shop. But there are still many benefits of going to a shop for dent removal. Here are some pitfalls of the DIY approach, as well as benefits of letting a professional handle your dent removal.

Costs more in the long run

While saving money may be a big motivating factor in taking the DIY approach to dent removal, it’s far from a certainty that it will actually end up costing you less. Not only could it end up costing you more than getting your dent fixed professionally, it will almost certainly take you more time to do the job right in the end.

Fixing dents in your car can require the use of some specialized tools. While buying new tools is fun and may even pay for themselves with a couple uses, it’s quite possible that the specialized tools you need for dent removal won’t be used for anything else. That means they won’t “pay for themselves” and you’ll be left with tools you have no other use for.

On top of this, dent removal takes up your time, especially if you have to learn how to properly use the tools and do the job correctly. Especially if your insurance will cover most of the cost, it might be worth it to let the professionals handle any dent removal services you may need.

Professional quality

Another pitfall of handling dent removal on your own is that it likely won’t turn out as well as it would if you take it to a professional. While there are dent removal kits that can yield passable results, they aren’t often going to be able to handle the finer details of body work. It’s also possible you could end up doing more damage to the car by trying to fix it yourself.

For example, if you pull on the dent too hard, it may cause the depression to bubble out. Or, you might end up overworking the surface, which could result in paint damage. This can all be avoided by just taking your car to a professional for dent removal in the first place.

Now that you know the dangers of attempting DIY dent removal as well as the benefits of going to a shop for dent removal services, when you need to get your dent fixed professionally, get in touch with the experienced technicians at Lentz Auto Body today for top-quality service.

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