What Should a Full Detail Service Include?

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If want to give your car some TLC, auto detailing is a smart investment. During a full detailing appointment, a professional will get your vehicle completely clean from dirt and grime, both inside and out. The end result is a cleaner car that sparkles and shines just like it once did on the showroom floor. Here’s what you can expect from a full detail service.


When it comes to auto detailing, paint care usually takes up the bulk of the process. Your car’s coat of paint and finish is delicate, which is why you need to do your research and choose a detailing team who understands the proper ways to care for it. A full detail usually includes washing and drying the car, followed by a clay bar application that removes all contaminants in the vehicle’s clear coat. Your technician will apply polish to remove even the finest scratches, and the final step is wax application to protect the paint and preserve its shine.

Undercarriage and wheels

Although you don’t typically see the undercarriage, or chassis, of your vehicle, it’s still cleaned during a full detail. Major suspension components are cleaned, along with splash guards, fender liners and areas inside the wheel wells. Wheels and tires are thoroughly washed and dressed with a protectant that prevents cracking and corrosion while enhancing their appearance.

Headlights, taillights and exterior trim components

Your detailing professional will give your headlights and taillights a polish and seal to remove and protect against oxidation. All vinyl or plastic trim on the vehicle will be detail cleaned, and all plastic trim pieces will be coated with a plastic protectant to prevent any cracking and fading over time. Usually, exhaust tips are also cleaned and polished during a full detail, rounding out the exterior cosmetic portion of the service.

Engine detailing

A full detail should always include engine bay cleaning. This is an important aspect of detailing that should never be overlooked. Your technician will mist the engine bay with water, followed by cleaning with a degreaser and then a final rinse. After the bay is completely dry, plastic, rubber and silicone components are dressed with a protectant to prevent them from cracking.

Interior detailing

At minimum, interior auto detailing should include a full cleaning of carpets and all upholstery surfaces using shampoo or a steam cleaner. If you have leather seats, your technician will condition and clean them. All plastics, vinyl and other trim will also be cleaned and dressed, and even the trunk will get a thorough clean.

As you might expect, investing in auto detailing is worth it as long as you find a professional team to get the job done right. It takes experience, patience and an incredible eye for detail to get any vehicle back to showroom condition. Lentz Auto Body is the team to have on your side, covering all the required aspects of detailing to transform your car and boost its resale value in the process. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

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