Five Helpful Car Restoration Tips

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Classic auto restoration is never a simple, straightforward process, but it’s always a rewarding one. If you have a car restoration project in your garage or workshop that you want to get back on the road, or if you intend to buy a project car soon, here are five helpful tips to guide you through the process.

Budget your time wisely

Keep in mind that even simple classic auto restoration projects always take much longer than you initially expect. Usually, the timeline for restoration depends on the funds you have for the project, how often you’re able to work on the vehicle yourself and your overall restoration skill level. Remember that car restorations are time-consuming projects, and that you should never let an inanimate object consume your time in a way that takes it away from family and others who are important to you.

Buy a vehicle that’s already running

First-time car restorers and seasoned pros alike are wise to buy a project car that’s already running. While buying a running car always costs more than a tow-away, you’ll typically spend the difference in terms of both time and money getting a car up and running. The only exception to this rule is if you have a thorough understanding of engines, in which case you’ll save a lot of money doing the work yourself to get the engine going once again.

Assess body condition

This is one of the most important car restoration tips, since body work is typically the most expensive and time-consuming part of the restoration process. When you purchase a car project, look for major areas of rust and dents. Be sure to be thorough in your search and check some of the less obvious places where rust forms, including the undercarriage and along door hinges and floor panels. Holes caused by rust can never be fixed, and the part will need replacement.

No matter how much body work needs to be done to the vehicle you’ve chosen, develop a relationship with a professional auto body shop to perform quality work that will result in a better-performing and better-looking vehicle.

Develop your workspace

It takes a surprising amount of space to restore a car. It usually takes up an entire two-car garage, meaning most people will need to park their daily drivers outside until the project is complete. Make sure you have enough space to dedicate to your project to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Network with experienced restorers

Try to expand your network of friends who are knowledgeable about cars, particularly those who have experience restoring the specific car or type of car that you intend to restore. Car enthusiasts love to talk about cars and share their knowledge. If you don’t currently have a network of other car enthusiasts, it’s recommended to join a local car club to connect with like-minded people.

Car restoration is no easy task, but there’s always a lot of joy and learning involved throughout the journey. It always helps to have the professionals on your side throughout the process. Contact Lentz Auto Body to learn more classic auto restoration tips and tricks from the experts.

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