Wax or Sealant: What’s Better for Your Car?

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Whether you’ve just bought a new vehicle or you’ve invested in a new coat of paint for your classic car, you want to ensure the finish stays as perfect as possible. Both wax and sealant are typically used during exterior auto detailing, but they perform differently on different vehicles. Read on to get to know the key differences between these two great products so you can choose the best option for your ride.

What do waxes and sealants have in common?

Both waxes and paint sealants serve basically the same function. They form a protective layer on top of your vehicle’s clear coat, keeping dirt, debris and the elements from compromising the appearance of your paint job. Cars are exposed to plenty of damaging elements depending on where you live and how you use your vehicle.

There are a whole host of elements to consider, including scorching heat, UV rays, precipitation, salt, dust, sand, gravel and so much more. Even tree sap and bird droppings can have a major impact on the overall quality of your vehicle’s paint. Many drivers apply a coat of wax or sealant to protect against these elements, but your success will vary depending on the product you choose for exterior auto detailing.

What should I know about wax?

There are both natural and synthetic waxes on the market. If you want to give your classic or modern vehicle a beautiful shine, choose carnauba wax. While this product generally provides amazing results in terms of the appearance of your car, it doesn’t last as long as other finishes—you’ll need to have it applied more regularly. Synthetic waxes are very similar to paint sealers and last for up to a year, but you won’t get that warm shine you’d get from a natural wax.

What should I know about sealant?

Paint sealants are entirely artificial products. As such, they’re much stronger and more durable compared to waxes. High-quality sealants should last up to one year and provide enhanced protection against harmful UV rays and chemical erosion. Sealants form a glasslike shell over the paint that gives the finish an overall high-tech glossy shine. It’s best for modern vehicles, but can look good on certain classics, too.

Can the two be used together?

Typically, you can use both wax and sealant together, but you need to be sure the products you use are chemically compatible with one another. In many cases, though, layering different finishes is entirely possible, but check with your trusted auto detailing experts first. Usually, sealant will be applied first, followed by a product like carnauba wax that will give your vehicle the absolute best sparkle and shine.

No matter which option you choose, wax or sealant, you can only achieve the best results by relying on the professionals. Head to your local exterior auto detailing experts to give your car long-lasting protection from the elements. Contact Lentz Auto Body today to discover the right protectant products to keep your vehicle’s paint job looking beautiful.

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