Determining the Factors of Car Dent Costs

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Just like with any type of car repair, there isn’t a fixed price for fixing a dent. Fortunately, our team at Lentz Auto Body is highly skilled in estimating car dent costs in Middletown, NJ. Continue reading to learn the factors we consider when giving our customers an estimate:

  • Make and model: While this isn’t always the case, the first thing the auto body repair shop may consider is your vehicle’s make and model. Newer or luxury cars may take longer to repair or be more difficult to fix, so the shop might charge more for the work.
  • Additional vehicle features: If your car has sensors or other cutting-edge bells and whistles, the dent will cost more to repair. This is because the technician will have to take greater care when working with your car than they would with a more basic model.
  • Extent of damage: As you can imagine, deep dents cost more to fix than minor indentations or scratches. Uneven or oddly-shaped dents are also more expensive to repair because they’re not a straightforward fix.
  • Dent location: Dents that are easy to access can be fixed rather quickly, so they’re often cheaper to repair. But a dent that’s in a hard-to-reach location is more difficult and may require different tools, so it’ll likely be a more costly fix.
  • The repair shop: Finally, the shop you choose will affect your quote and final bill. A dealership typically charges more to make any repair, so we recommend avoiding those and instead choosing an independent shop. Be sure to call around and get a few quotes before making a decision.

How to find the best repair shop

It’s important to note that the most expensive auto body shop in Middletown, NJ isn’t always the best. Here are a few things to look for to ensure you get the highest quality service without breaking the bank:

  • Insurance recommendations: Your insurance company is often a valuable resource when finding a reputable and cost-effective repair shop. Even if you plan on paying out of pocket for the fix, it still doesn’t hurt to call your insurance provider to get their opinion.
  • Experience: Be sure to ask about the shop’s experience working with your particular make and model. This is especially important if you drive a higher-end vehicle. If the shop doesn’t work with your type of car very often, it’s best to avoid it.
  • Online reviews: In addition to calling around and asking for quotes, be sure to get online and read reviews of different companies. Unless the shop has a clear majority of legitimate five-star ratings, stay away from them!

Hire our team to fix your dent

When it comes to car dent repair in Middletown, NJ, nobody tops our pros at Lentz Auto Body. With over 60 years of experience working on all makes and models and a wide range of services, you can trust us to handle all of your auto body needs. Contact us today to get an estimate for auto body repair, detailing or painting.

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