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Winter brings challenges when it comes to keeping your car clean. You likely track in snow and mud, and snow frequently blows into vehicles. Add in road salt and sand, and everything becomes excessively dirty in a short while. Fortunately, there is car detailing available at our auto body shop in Middletown, NJ. If a cleaner and fresher-smelling car is not enough incentive for you, here are five reasons to book an auto detailing appointment today:

  • It all builds up: Mud, snow, dirt and spilled coffee build up and create stains. Add food debris and paper scraps, and you end up with a messy car that likely smells bad. That’s not the way to make a good impression if you book a date or need to pick up your boss at the airport. Address all these pollutants and make your car a pleasant environment. There is no reason to keep it gross.
  • Preserve resale value: If you plan to trade in or sell your car soon, the best way to secure a reasonable offer is to keep it clean. Detailing goes beyond simple vacuuming and wiping up dashboards to get dirt and stains out of all the crevices in your interior. A fresh interior that looks good to dealers or in internet photos will help you sell quicker. It also gives the impression that you maintain your car and keep it running well. No one wants to buy someone else’s problem, so that impression is essential.
  • Improved safety: Many drivers find cleaning car window interiors too difficult or time-consuming. Eventually, window dirt on the inside and outside accumulates, and the glaring sun makes it impossible to see. Detailing cleans windows and mirrors more thoroughly than you can with Windex and paper towels when you have a spare 15 minutes.
  • Save time: Would you rather spend a Saturday indulging in a favorite activity or cleaning your car? We believe we know the answer to that question! Auto detailers use equipment that cleans faster and gets into the tight spaces of your car. Our efforts take less time than your attempts, and we complete car details faster. Rather than contort yourself around all the spaces of your car, you can drop it off for detailing and go about your day. Once we finish, you will have no regrets about spending money and saving time by delegating this task to us.
  • Support local business: Many detailing shops are car washes or auto body shops that use this service to bring in a more constant income stream. You only get into accidents rarely, and local car washes charge small fees with the hope of getting the needed number. When you invest in detailing your car, you also provide us with a reliable income stream that helps us continue to serve the community.

Car detailing in Middleton, NJ is among our many services at Lentz Auto Body, and it includes car washing, interior cleaning and carpet scrubbing. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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