Five Options for the Best Winter Car Wax

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Waxing your car is not an activity limited to spring and summer—you need car wax for winter, too. You still need UV protection in winter, and road conditions this time of year are harsh on your car’s exterior. So, you need a car wax that lasts and is easy to apply. Here are five winter car wax options recommended by our auto body shop in Middletown, NJ:

  • Collinite 47618 auto wax: The Collinite formula combines traditional carnauba wax with an advanced polymer. This combination creates a heavy-duty protectant that holds up against road salt and snow. You gain UV protection and an intense shine. Collinite holds tight through the winter and withstands all weather conditions. However, you need to be patient with this one. It requires 24 hours to cure, and you must buff your car after application.
  • Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat: The last thing you want to do in winter is turn on the hose. (That assumes you have your outdoor water running anyway!) This product is a three-in-one formula that cleans your car as it creates a shine. It protects from road salt and snow and keeps your paint safe from UV rays. But like the Collinite, you must give it 24 hours to cure and buff it once it’s applied.
  • Meguiar’s G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax: If you seek easy application that is possible in all weather conditions, this ultimate liquid wax is your primary option. It is safe for your car’s entire exterior, including trim and windows. You gain a hydrophobic layer of protection, and the wax cures in three to five minutes. But you will not gain an intense shine unless you use a polisher, and you must clean and prepare your car before adding the wax. You will gain some UV and weather protection, but not as much as with other products. However, it is better than nothing if you do not have a covered area to apply car wax.
  • CarGuys Liquid Wax: This product is the most expensive one on the list, but it is worth the cost. You only need to apply this wax twice a year, and it provides UV and weather protection. It leaves a high-gloss shine too. Liquid wax comes with everything you need for application, and the process is easy. There is no buffing, and it dries quickly. Many customers find the price well worth the advantages.
  • Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic 3-in-1 Detailer: When you seek value, this detailer spray meets your expectations. Turtle Wax is entirely hydrophobic and offers you a shiny finish. It repels dirt, road salt and other hazards of winter driving. The only shortcoming is the low UV protection. But if your car is in a garage or under a covered space most of the time, then this product is more than adequate.

Now that you know the importance of car wax for winter in Middletown, NJ, you should arrange for auto detailing at Lentz Auto Body. We are a trusted local auto body shop, and we know how to restore cars to looking their best. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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