Take Advantage of the Winter Months: Schedule a Custom Paint Job or Restoration Today

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Have you been interested in giving your vehicle a makeover? The winter months are a great time to make it happen. Because most people in Middletown, NJ tend to do their custom auto paint designs or restorations in the spring and summer, you’ll find it easier to get some time in the shop, and may even be able to get access to some better deals.

This is especially ideal if it’s a seasonal vehicle you’re looking at getting restored, such as a classic car or convertible. If you’re not going to be getting a ton of use out of it during the winter months, then it makes sense to use that time to give it the overhaul you’ve been looking for so you can debut it right when the new season begins.

There are a variety of reasons why you should prioritize high-quality custom auto paint designs from a professional in Middletown, NJ, beyond just your own personal satisfaction. Here are a few examples of some of these reasons:

  • Protection: A high-quality paint job from a custom paint job shop will protect the vehicle body from contaminants like bird droppings, bugs, dirt and other debris, and also keep moisture from affecting the vehicle body. Moisture can lead to rust over time, which will compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle as it spreads throughout the body. Your paint job is just as important for protection as it is for aesthetics.
  • Aesthetics: Speaking of aesthetics, we should not completely discount just how much of a difference a high-quality paint job can make in the appearance of your vehicle. The paint job is likely to be the first thing most people notice when they look at your vehicle. A low-quality paint job will make the vehicle look like it’s cheap and not well taken care of, but a high-quality paint job will make it stand out. This is especially important if you have a classic car you want to take to shows—it’s really going to jump out from the crowd with a high-quality custom paint job.
  • Personality: The way you paint your vehicle reflects on your own personality as the vehicle owner. Your custom paint job allows you to put this personality on display every single time you go out on the road with the car. Consider it a way to showcase your own tastes.
  • Value: The appearance of the vehicle is one of the biggest factors in its overall value, beyond just how well it runs. An ugly vehicle won’t fetch nearly as big a price as a vehicle with a high-quality, attractive custom paint job that’s clearly been well taken care of over the long term. If you’re going to put your vehicle up for sale, investing in a good paint job will give you a great return on that investment.

Interested in learning more about our custom paint job shop in Middletown, NJ? Contact Lentz Auto Body with any questions you have for our technicians. We’d be glad to show you what we can do!

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