Five Things That Can Damage Your Vehicle’s Paint

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There’s nothing quite as gorgeous as a beautiful paint job on your beloved car or truck. Your favorite color, shining in the sun as you cruise down the road—it’s enough to fill you with a great measure of pride and enthusiasm. And it should—that’s part of the fun of owning a vehicle!

Of course, as soon as you pull your car off the lot, that pristine paint job is at risk. There are several common threats that can cause car paint damage in Middletown, NJ. Here are some of the most infamous.

De-icing chemicals

As winter sets in here in our little corner of New Jersey, it won’t be long before the streets are routinely covered in fresh blankets of snow and ice. Our local government will respond to this dilemma by putting down thick layers of salt and de-icing products to keep the streets clear.

That works wonders for your vehicle’s traction, but that well-intentioned move can have unfortunate consequences. Namely, as more of those chemicals splash onto your car, it can have a corrosive effect and will start to eat through the top layers of your paint job.


Another culprit that requires auto paint protection in Middletown, NJ is ice. When moisture is allowed to freeze on the top or side of your car, it can eat away at the paint job, resulting in cracks and chips in your paint.

People who park their cars outdoors are particularly vulnerable to ice. Be sure to cover your vehicle with a tarp to ensure it stays warm enough.

Bird poop

You’re in danger of being bombarded from above at any time of year. The plentiful supply of birds in the air in New Jersey makes that sentiment true for every driver. When your car is unlucky enough to get hit by a passing bird, be sure to wipe it off as soon as you can. Otherwise, the feces can adhere to your paint and leave a corrosion ring in the aftermath.


You can pay attention at the pump 99 percent of the time. Eventually, however, you’ll make a mistake and spill a few droplets of gas on the paint just outside your gas tank. Be sure to clear it away immediately, as gas that’s left to sit for an extended period will end up discoloring your vehicle.

The auto body pros

These are just a few of the reasons you need adequate auto paint protection in Middletown, NJ. When the time comes to revitalize or redo your car’s paint job, come to Lentz Auto Body.

Since we opened our doors in 1953, we’ve proudly served our community with a comprehensive array of services. From auto body repair to painting to detailing and beyond, you can count on our pros.

For more than 65 years, the people of Middletown and the surrounding areas have come to rely on Lentz Auto Body for the best service available. Isn’t it time you found out why? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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