Summer Storms Dirty Your Vehicle? Call Us to Schedule Detailing!

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Summer storms can make it impossible to keep your car clean. Dirt, mud, water spots, bugs and other debris can damage your car and paint job if you don’t clean it regularly. Don’t rely on the rain to wash your car—keep it in the best shape possible by getting your car detailed. Even if you think it’s pointless to wash your car when another storm is just around the corner, taking the time to wash your car thoroughly will help preserve its paint job for years to come.

Investing in occasional car detailing and cleaning in Middletown, NJ is the easiest way to make sure your car looks its best. Leave it to the team at Lentz Auto Body to give your car the cleaning it needs to feel brand new.

What is auto detailing?

Auto detailing is the process of cleaning and restoring your car, inside and out. The exterior needs to be washed thoroughly, including the underside, tires, rims and wheel wells. Then wax or other glossy finish is applied to keep the paint in the best shape possible.

Interior detailing involves restoring the inside to a clean and pristine condition. Your auto detailer needs to be well versed in the proper cleaning tools and methods for a variety of difference surfaces, from your seats to your dashboard to your floors.

For example, your upholstery is a magnet for dirt and spills, which accumulate over time. Auto detailing ensures that it will be thoroughly cleaned, and any stains will be expertly removed. If you have leather seats, those also need to be carefully cleaned and restored to keep them looking and feeling good. Vinyl surfaces, including seats and other components, can be cleaned and polished to reinstate their original look.

Finally, your carpeting is a magnet for dirt and spills as well as mud, road salt and other substances you can accidentally track in. Detailing involves thoroughly cleaning the carpets and removing stains, which has a surprisingly big overall effect on how clean and fresh your car looks.

If your car needs some TLC and attention, bring it in for a detailing appointment. You’ll be amazed at how great your vehicle looks when the team at Lentz Auto Body is done with it!

Should I wash my car in the middle of the summer rainy season?

Of course, it seems silly to take your car in for detailing when it’s due to rain again later in the week—but a good exterior detailing will ensure that your car is waxed and ready to repel as much water as possible. It also removes the built-up dirt, oil, tar and other substances that can eat away at your paint, which is exacerbated by acid rain.

In short, getting your car detailed by the pros in Middletown, NJ is a smart way to take care of your investment. Make sure your car looks its best by scheduling a detailing appointment at Lentz Auto Body today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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