Auto Leasing and Dent Repair

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Leasing a vehicle is a great option for many drivers. Leases offer flexible financing terms without the commitment of buying a vehicle outright or entering into a lengthy financing agreement for ownership. However, leasing vehicles also comes with certain responsibilities and obligations. To make sure you’re fully compliant with your lease and aren’t left with any fees at the end of your financing term, it’s important to repair any damage to the vehicle. Keep reading to learn about how to minimize issues with auto leasing in Middletown, NJ at the end of your lease agreement.

Vehicle lease basics

Leasing a vehicle is essentially like renting the vehicle from a car dealership. After the lease term is up, lessees can choose to return the car, begin a new lease with a different vehicle or finance the vehicle to own it. Lease agreements come with all kinds of terms that lessees and the lessor are accountable to. Many of these terms put restrictions on use of the vehicle. There are also terms that require lessees to keep the vehicle in good condition and make the lessee liable for any damage caused to the vehicle.

What if a leased vehicle is damaged?

Despite the fact that lease terms are usually pretty clear when it comes to damage to the vehicle, many lessees assume that minor damage isn’t that big of a deal. In reality, even very minor damage to a vehicle can leave a lessee in violation of their lease and make them financially responsible for any necessary repairs.

If you return a damaged vehicle at the end of your lease, the dealership is likely to hold you financially accountable. If you want to end your lease, the dealership may compel you to pay the costs of the repair out of pocket. On the other hand, if you want to roll your lease into a new lease for a different vehicle, this cost will be added to the total cost for your new lease.

Regardless of how the dealership decides to secure payment for repairs to the vehicle, it’s almost certain that you’ll be paying more out of pocket for dealership repairs than you would at the average auto body shop. Dealerships charge very high rates for repair services, and these rates are even higher at luxury car dealerships. Simple fixes can cost hundreds of dollars more at a dealership than at an auto body shop. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle to an auto body shop to get all the necessary repairs before you return your vehicle to the dealership.

Repairs for auto leasing in Middletown, NJ

Lots of people wonder how Lentz Auto Body can handle repairs to leased vehicles prior to drivers turning them in. We offer comprehensive auto body services in Middletown, NJ to get vehicles into like-new condition at prices that are fair and affordable. We will get your vehicle fully repaired to ensure you don’t have any issues turning it back in at the dealership once your lease term has ended.

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