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Car dent and ding repair in Middletown, NJ isn’t something that anyone particularly looks forward to doing, but after a long, harsh winter, it’s wise to get your car checked out. Winter dents and dings can damage your paint, and when the paint is scratched off, moisture can set in and cause corrosion or rust. Once rust sets in, it’s a lot harder to repair your car than if you had performed cosmetic maintenance in the first place.

In addition to cosmetic damage and preventing more serious damage, it’s also a good time to get your car checked for structural damage. Even small fender benders can throw your alignment out of shape or cause major problems in your car’s body and compromise your safety during a more serious accident.

At Lentz Auto Body, we’re experts in car dent repair in Middletown, NJ. If your car suffered damage this winter, there’s no better time to fix it than now. Here’s an overview of the services we perform:

  • Dent repair: Keep your car looking as nice as it did the day you bought it with our expert dent repair services. We’re skilled at smoothing out dents and dings—and making sure that your auto body isn’t in danger of rust and corrosion. You might be tempted to DIY your dent repair, thanks to the wealth of information and tutorials on YouTube, but we strongly caution against it. If your paint has been cracked or torn, you need an expert to perform the repairs, or you’ll risk making it worse. It’s also an opportunity for your mechanic to make sure there isn’t further damage to your vehicle.
  • Framework: Your vehicle’s frame needs to be in good shape to protect you during accidents. If your car was damaged in a fender bender, even if it looks like the only damage is cosmetic, there could be problems lurking underneath the surface. Don’t risk your safety—have a certified mechanic look at your car.
  • Fiberglass repair: We’re skilled at patching and smoothing fiberglass damage. Afterwards, most people can’t tell anything ever happened to the vehicle in the first place!
  • Windshield repair and replacement: Even little accidents can harm your windshield, and driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield is downright dangerous. Most states have laws about how many chips or cracks you can have in your windshield—and how large they can be—before you need to get it repaired or replaced.
  • Parts replacement: Finally, we use OEM factory parts anytime your car needs a repair or replacement. Accidents often result in needing to replace certain parts for your safety and convenience, so if your car needs new parts after a collision, we can help you replace and install exactly what you need.

Ready to get your auto dings, car dents and other collision damage repaired in Middletown, NJ? Call Lentz Auto Body today to set up an appointment to make your car look and run as good as new. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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