Six Reasons Why You Should Detail Your Car

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Interior car detailing is the deep cleaning of your car. When you hire a professional to address this dreaded task, the focus is bringing your vehicle back to like-new condition. At Lentz Auto Body, our professional car interior cleaning in Middletown, NJ includes upholstery, leather, carpets and vinyl to remove those spills, dust and dirt that accumulated over your summer road trips. Here are six reasons to visit us for auto detailing today:

  • Reduce wear and tear: Dirt is not just unsightly—it can cause damage, too. As it accumulates, it dulls the surfaces of leather and vinyl and can dry it out until it leaves holes. Dirt also wears out carpets and upholstery, and before long, your car may look like a junker. Removing the evidence of those spills and messy adventures will help your interior last longer and look better.
  • Improved environment: You likely spend a lot of time in your car. Commutes are long and weekends are full of errands. Even if you are not a neat freak, nothing can bring you down quicker than old coffee stains, food crumbs and dirt from your shoes. Rather than marinate in a polluted interior, consider cleaning it up instead. This will make the time spent in your car much more pleasant.
  • Retain resale value: If you wish to sell or trade in your car, it is doubtful that you will attempt to do so without cleaning it first. No one wants to buy a vehicle that’s filled with your old garbage and food debris. Make this job easier by keeping your car clean as you use it, but also have it detailed once a year. This keeps the upholstery and vinyl in better condition and allows your car to be more attractive in sales photos.
  • Preserve leather: Detailing is very important for leather interiors. Leather is susceptible to dirt, and it often dries out when exposed frequently to direct sunlight. That is why taking it in once or twice a year for cleaning and conditioning is essential to helping it look its best. Otherwise, it is likely to flake and crack, which does nothing for resale value or feeling good about spending time in your car. Hire a professional and you’re your leather clean and preserved.
  • Reduce odors: If you allow food debris or dirt to build up, it is likely your car will smell bad. You may stop noticing it, but your passengers will be able to pick up on it immediately. This does not work in your favor if you pick your supervisor up from the airport or transport passengers for Lyft or Uber. If you cannot do your own nose a favor, consider doing it for your passengers. Keep your car clean and detailed and enjoy a less smelly car.
  • Support a local business: Most detail shops are local businesses. They often run car washes and body shops, too. Detailing allows you to retain local services and have a local connection in case you need exterior detailing or dent removal.

Lentz Auto Body offers interior car detailing in Middletown, NJ. Visit us today to enjoy the advantages of our thorough service. Your car will feel like new again!

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