Four Reasons to Repair Dents on Your Vehicle

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You do not need to order full auto body service for car door dent repair in Middletown, NJ. Our body shop offers less extensive, more localized methods to ensure those dents pop right out. However, many people allow dents to remain, thinking they are not a big deal. You may wish to reconsider that and arrange for auto dent removal. Here are four reasons why:

  • Improve appearance: There is one thing we know about dents, and that is that they are unattractive. Nothing seems to hurt more than the first dent on a new car, and after they accumulate, some drivers barely notice them anymore. But if you get enough of them, they become quite noticeable, and you might not enjoy your car as much as you once did when you bought it new. Repairing dents simply improves its appearance and helps you feel better about driving.
  • Maintain resale value: Vehicles with damage or several dents will not be as photogenic on Facebook Marketplace. Your will sell your vehicle more slowly, and even if you get an interested buyer, it is likely they will want to pay less than your requested price. Dented cars also demand lower trade-in values, which could threaten the amount of your down payment on a new vehicle. Get more for your used vehicle by taking care of it and removing dents. Many car dealerships invest heavily in dent removal so it is easier to clear vehicles from their lots.
  • Rust: Dents are not harmless. If they are deep enough to compromise your car’s paint sealant, that allows rust and corrosion to set in. Sun, snow, sleet and the elements that control them all contribute to rust. This is especially true in areas that salt the roads. Those who live near the ocean see these effects even more, and often must replace vehicles frequently. One small dent can start the rash of rust, and you will want to fix it soon. Otherwise, you allow corrosive elements access to your car and the opportunity to slowly devalue it.
  • Easier insurance claims: You likely do not want to get into an accident, but that is always possible. If your car was heavily damaged before the accident, it is difficult to determine which damage was caused by the accident and which was already present. The other driver can claim they did not hit you that hard, and that your car had those dents previously. If you neglected dent repair for a long while, this can be difficult to dispute.

There is a reason why car dealerships offer big discounts when their inventory is assaulted by a hailstorm. Dents are a big deal. They reduce your vehicle’s value and leave it vulnerable to damage. That is why you should seek car door dent repair as soon as you notice the dent, especially as winter storms and salted roads are soon to become a reality.

If your car is full of dings and you want auto dent removal in Middletown, NJ, Lentz Auto Body is prepared to make those dents disappear. Call us today to make an appointment and arrange for a repair estimate.

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