How to Winterize the Exterior of Your Vehicle

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Winter can be rough on your vehicle’s body, especially when it’s frequently exposed to salt, snow and ice. Therefore, you might consider taking some steps to winterize your vehicle’s exterior before the weather really gets bad.

Here’s some information about some of the steps you can take when working with a provider of auto detailing in Middletown, NJ.


Road salt can strip the paint right off your vehicle if you’re not careful. Therefore, you should consider getting a good-quality coat of paint, as well as a wax or sealant to protect it through the winter.

A paint coating lasts longer than a standard paint sealant. In fact, some coatings last multiple years. They also require fewer reapplications and much less maintenance. It’s going to be difficult to get a full-on car wash during the winter, so a paint coating will make it easier for you to keep your vehicle clean and free of salt.

The downside of a paint coating, of course, is how much prep work you need to put in for the coating to work its best. These preparatory steps could include claying, compound application and polishing before you can even get to the coating. That takes a lot of work, and if that sounds like too much for you, a paint sealant may be your best bet. Synthetic sealants offer solid durability (protection up to six months) and are easy to apply.

Wheels and tires

You should make it a priority to protect your vehicle’s wheels and tires just as much as the paint. There are protective waxes designed specifically for wheels that prevent brake dust adhesion and can repel snow and ice. You will need to reapply it regularly to ensure a constant high level of protection, but the results are worth the work. Wheel coatings also provide excellent protection, providing an impenetrable barrier against wintery weather.

Make sure you keep your tires properly inflated all winter long, as the cold weather can cause air pressure drops. Assume a loss of a pound of pressure for every 10-degree drop.

Windshield wipers

Take some steps to protect your windshield wipers as well so they can more easily clear off snow and moisture from your windshield all winter long. There are windshield wash additives that are a combination of cleaner and antifreeze that keep your windshield clean and also prevent the formation of frost. Add this into your windshield washer fluid in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

Make sure you have a good-quality ice scraper on hand as well, so you’re able to easily remove frost, snow and ice from your windshield and windows. There are also deicer sprays you can purchase that speed up snow, ice and frost removal.

For more tips about how you can protect the exterior of your vehicle throughout the entire winter, visit a shop that specializes in auto detailing in Middletown, NJ. Lentz Auto Body has been serving area drivers for 65 years—come see us today for your vehicle detailing needs!

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