Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Vehicle in Your Garage

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A loud crash was heard out in the garage. Running from the house to the garage, chest pounding, to inspect the horrific noise, an old shop vac was discovered rolling on its side back and forth on the garage floor in front of the car. The shop vac had somehow dislodged from a high shelf onto the hood of the car, causing a large dent, and then rolled onto the cement floor.

Damage to vehicles inside a garage is not uncommon. To protect your car or truck, your auto body shop in Middletown, NJ has some helpful tips for keeping your vehicle safe.

Keep Your Garage Well Lit

Garages can be dark and dangerous places. You should make sure that your garage is well lit in both daylight and nighttime hours. Some garages do not have windows to let in light during the day. To compensate for this, bright lighting should be installed in a garage to help with parking your car and for seeing small things such as nails or other sharp objects that may be dangerous for your car.

Often the automatic garage door opener does provide some lighting in the garage, but not enough to be considered adequate. Motion security lights are one option to use in providing bright lighting inside garages. Installing fluorescent lighting in the garage is another great way to add brightness to your garage to safely drive in at any hour, day or night.

Keep Your Garage Organized

Many people use their garage as an extra storage space. Bikes, lawnmowers, children’s toys, yard equipment and holiday decorations fill the garage, which could cause hazards when attempting to park vehicles. Piling your garage high with boxes and junk is a recipe for disaster. Gravity has a tendency to bring things down onto vehicles, causing dings, dents and scratches.

Many organizational solutions are available for those who want to use a garage for both vehicle storage and as a general storage area. Using shelves with trays and rails with clamps can help keep things in their place. Bikes and children’s toys can be neatly stored up and away from where they can cause damage to (or be damaged by) a car.

Keep Your Garage Clean

Not only is keeping your garage organized necessary for vehicle safety, it’s also important to keep it clean. Frequently sweeping the garage floor removes dangerous debris from causing damage to your car’s tires. Frequent garage cleaning will also help keep toys and other items picked up and out of the way.

Hang a Tennis Ball or Put up a Bumper

One of the most common problems in garages is people pulling in too far. They bump the front end of the car, which damages both the car and the garage wall. One option that helps solve this issue is to add a soft bumper at the front of the garage. Others will hang a tennis ball from the ceiling at the place where the vehicle should stop. That way they know that it is time to stop pulling forward. These are both quick and cost-effective ways of solving this issue.

Finding the Perfect Auto Body Shop in Middletown, NJ

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