Caring for Your Car’s New Paint After a Repair

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If you’ve recently had body work performed on your car, you may be wondering what steps you can take to protect the new paint job covering your vehicle. Thankfully, most auto paint is relatively easy to care for, and if you’re working with a trusted auto body shop in Middletown, NJ, they’ll ensure that the paint has thoroughly dried before sending you and your vehicle home.

Automotive paint is designed to withstand lots of wear and tear out on the road. Even the best paint, however, is still susceptible to damage caused by a wide range of environmental factors, particularly if it’s fresh.

Here are just a few things that you can do to protect your car’s paint directly after receiving repairs:

  • Examine for flaws: There are some small errors that may occur at even the best auto body shops in Middletown, NJ. Check for any hairs or dust particles that may be trapped under the paint. Also look for any areas where the coat looks slightly uneven. If you notice any of these issues, return to your repair specialist immediately.
  • Avoid tree sap: If you don’t regularly keep your car in a garage, there’s a good chance that it’s parked under trees with some regularity. While trees can provide shade that protects the paint job and the interior upholstery, they can also release sap and debris that’s highly acidic, and may eat away at the integrity of your new paint job.
  • Stay away from car washes: If your car has recently been painted, it’s definitely important to keep it clear and clean. Unfortunately, commercial car washes may actually cause damage to your paint job. Use cool, mildly soapy water to clean off dirt and debris from your newly painted vehicle.
  • Clean bugs and debris: Bugs and tree pollen aren’t just annoying—they can actually eat away at your car’s paint job! Bugs, in particular, are often highly acidic. If you hit a bug with your vehicle, take the time to wipe it off as soon as you’re finished driving in the interest of protecting your vehicle’s paint.
  • Remove bird droppings: Like bugs and pollen, bird droppings are also highly acidic. If bird droppings remain on your car unaddressed, they could begin to eat away at the paint job, and may even cause staining. Remove bird droppings using a mild soap whenever you first notice them.
  • Avoid construction zones and dirt roads: Paint may be slightly (even imperceptibly) tacky for a few days following application. Avoid driving through construction zones and on dirt roads after receiving a new paint job to prevent the dirt from sticking.

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