Tips from Auto Body Shop on How to Wax Your Car

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Auto aficionados know that the best way to preserve your car’s inherent value and beauty is by regularly waxing it. Waxing your car helps keep your car looking great, and it protects its paint coat from ultraviolet rays, dust, road debris and car fluids. Investing in car waxing is an excellent way to maintain the economic value of your vehicle.

When paying for someone else to perform waxing services, however, it’s hard to control the quality of the wax job that’s being applied to your vehicle. Additionally, it can be prohibitively expensive to regularly invest in automotive waxing.

Thankfully, it’s surprisingly easy to apply your own coat of automotive wax! When armed with a good canister of wax and some advice from your favorite auto body shop in Middletown, NJ, you can help preserve the quality and beauty of your car’s paint job and keep its value high.

Here are just a few tips to follow when waxing your car:

  • Get the right wax: Choosing the right kind of automotive wax is imperative to waxing your vehicle correctly. While it’s not necessary to break the bank on automotive wax, it’s advisable to go with a middle-of-the-line product. Cheap waxes may not buff out correctly, leaving unsightly chalky marks on your car.
  • Wash the car well: Anything that’s on your vehicle when you apply the wax will be trapped beneath the wax coating—if your car isn’t totally clean, this could cause corrosion and other undesirable outcomes. Be sure to thoroughly wash your vehicle before applying any kind of automotive wax.
  • Follow instructions: Certain types of automotive wax require slightly different applications—this is because each wax is formulated differently. Some waxes, for instance, are sold in a spray bottle rather than in a jar. Be sure to thoroughly read and follow the instructions that come with your wax of choice.
  • Apply with a circular motion: Using a clean, soft and lint-free cloth, apply the wax to your vehicle using an even, circular motion and limited pressure. The wax should be wet and clear when you first begin applying it. Start by focusing on one area of your car, and move around the car’s body in a linear fashion.
  • Let dry, then remove: As you finish applying the wax on your car, the first layer that you placed on the vehicle should be dry. When the wax is dry, it should appear matte and chalky. Identify a dry area, and use a chamois or similar cloth to rub the excess wax away until the surface of the car is glossy and streak-free.

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