The Benefits of Getting All of Your Service from the Same Auto Body Shop in Middletown, NJ

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Regardless of how far or how frequently you drive, owning a car can be a pretty big responsibility. In order to keep your vehicle running the way it should for as long as possible, you need to keep up on regular maintenance and make sure you get repairs as necessary. You might not see the importance in taking your car to the same shop every time you get a repair, but having a consistent relationship with a local auto body shop in Middletown, NJ can actually offer a number of great benefits to you and your vehicle:

  • Faster repairs: Whenever you bring your car to a new mechanic or technician, they need to inspect your vehicle and ask you about its history to get to know a little bit more about it. It takes time to become familiar with a new vehicle, which can lead to longer time being required for repairs. When you go to the same mechanic over and over again, they will get to know your car and they won’t need to ask as many questions or spend as much time on inspections and assessments.
  • Cost savings: Because it won’t take your mechanic as much time to get started on repairs for your vehicle, you can enjoy cost savings. Much of the cost of repairs and body work comes from hourly labor, so the less time repairs take, the less you will have to pay. In addition, working with the same shop for all of your repairs allows you to avoid being overcharged at a shop that you aren’t familiar with.
  • Better experience overall: Dealing with the costs associated with collision repair and body work is bad enough without having to endure an unpleasant service experience on top of it all. Going to a shop where you have built a relationship with the staff allows you to really enjoy your experience. Instead of talking with strangers about the problems with your car, you can get help from a team that you already know and are friendly with.
  • Trust and reliability: There are so many stories of people being taken advantage of by shady repair shops that it can be challenging to place your trust an auto body shop that you aren’t familiar with. Getting service time and again from the same provider allows you to develop a relationship of trust and helps you feel confident in the service you receive.

If you’re looking for a reliable local shop that you can depend on for all of your collision repair and auto body needs, come to Lentz Auto Body. We are proud to be a family owned and operated auto body shop in Middletown, NJ with a track record of over 60 years in the community. Our technicians are experienced in a wide range of services, and we can help get your vehicle back into the best shape possible so that you can feel confident on the road. To get an estimate for our services, simply give us a call or stop by to see us in person!

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