Tend to Your Car This Spring! Common Types of Winter-Related Auto Body Repair in Middletown, NJ

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Of all the seasons, winter is the one that yields the most need for auto body repairs, and it has a lot to do with car accidents caused by crazy winter weather. But sometimes you have to wait until later to make repairs, like when you don’t have the time or money. Well, the nice weather is here—if you want to look good driving down the road, then it’s time to uncover your vehicle or pull it out of the garage and get it to an auto body repair shop for the help it needs.

Winter can be cruel to the exterior of vehicles. Damages can range from minor scraps and dings to full-on cracks in windshields, as well as rusted sections of the auto body. The good news is that spring is here, so now is the time to look into the repairs you’ve been waiting to get done all winter.

Let’s review the three most common types of winter-related auto body repair in Middletown, NJ.

Auto body repair and replacement

Maybe you were in a road accident at some point during the winter. Whether the accident was due to negligence or the weather, you will need to get the damage looked at soon.

For example, an auto technician will let you know if it’s possible to repair a damaged bumper or rear-end, or better to replace it with a new one. Repair work can involve hammering out dents and adding new paint when the damage is not severe, but new parts can be expensive and even require placing a special order. This is a reason why some body repair and parts replacement needs that show up in the winter have to wait until the spring to get fixed.

Rust problems

Our vehicles are exposed to a lot of moisture during the winter months, which causes some vehicle bodies to rust. This is an especially big concern if your car’s coating is in poor condition, or if you live in an area that uses road salt. The salt tends to get kicked up and attached to vehicles, which is known to bring about rusting. Vehicles with chips on their bodies or exposed metal spots are more susceptible to rust damage, so if you didn’t take care of existing vehicle rust during in the winter, plan on doing it this spring.

Auto body repainting

Although vehicle paint is exposed to all sorts of obstacles year-round, it suffers quite a bit during the winter. This includes scratches and minor corrosion caused by ice buildups, and blemishes that form when moistened dirt, dust and other debris freezes onto the surface of vehicles. You may not notice the need for new paint until the spring weather warms the surface and the icy debris melts, scraping its way down the side of your vehicle. Months of improper ice and snow removal is another reason you might need auto body repainting.

If you need any form of auto body repair in Middletown, NJ this spring, give Lentz Auto Body a call. We’re here to help!

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