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Car enthusiasts are known for handling all sorts of auto work by themselves. They change their own oil and take care of any minor repairs. However, one thing smart car owners don’t do is try to tackle auto painting in Middletown, NJ on their own. Painting a car yourself has several pitfalls that you don’t want to run into. Keep reading to learn more about why you shouldn’t try painting your car:

  • Painting takes skill: Unlike painting the walls in your home, auto painting in Middletown, NJ requires more than just a bucket of paint, a roller and a paint brush. First, you have to carefully remove the old paint from your car. That takes time and patience. Next, you need to learn all of the right techniques to get the job done. Trust us, you don’t want to go about the job haphazardly without a proper plan of attack. That won’t just end up taking a long time—it’ll result in a bad-looking vehicle. Bring your car in to us and let the professionals at Lentz Auto Body handle all of your auto painting needs.
  • You don’t have the right environment: An auto body paint job necessitates an enclosed and sterile environment that’s free from dust and debris. While you might think your garage is spotless, there’s no way it’s a clean enough environment to paint your car. Any type of dirt is going to cling onto your paint before it dries, leaving you with a messy looking vehicle. We have sterile auto bays that are designed specifically for painting.
  • You don’t have proper equipment: As we touched on above, auto painting requires more than just a roller and a bucket of paint. You need special painting equipment to go about repainting your vehicle. It’s true that you can purchase all of that gear and do it yourself, but do you really want to go through all of that hassle? We already have all of the necessary equipment—just let us paint your car for you!
  • DIY jobs don’t save that much money: The main reason people try to paint their vehicles by themselves is to save money. Little do they know, however, that a DIY job probably won’t save them all that much money in the long run. Auto paint can cost as much as $55 per gallon. After you buy your auto paint, you have to get a spray gun and proper brushes. There’s no reason to attempt to paint your car if you’re only doing it to save money. Let our professionals take care of everything.
  • The pros offer a warranty: Finally, most professional auto painters stand by their work by offering some sort of a warranty. Even though the pros have years of experience, a lot can go wrong during the painting process. If that’s the case, the paint might look bad once it’s dry. Reputable painters will go back and touch up your paint if you’re not happy with the results. If something bad happens when you try painting by yourself, you’ll just have to start from square one if the end results aren’t what you’re looking for.

Don’t trust yourself to paint your precious vehicle. Let the professionals at Lentz Auto Body handle all of your auto painting in Middletown, NJ!

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