The Seven Steps of Auto Body Repair in Middletown, NJ

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When you take your car to an auto body shop in Middletown, NJ, are you aware of the process that follows? You may envision technicians with tools and paintbrushes working away at your car and returning it to you the next day, restored.

The process is a bit more complex than that. Precision auto body repair in Middletown, NJ involves seven steps.

Step 1: The Estimate

The vehicle’s auto body repair begins with an estimator. This professional will inspect the vehicle, document all damage and pass on the information to insurance providers and/or the car owner. The estimate is based on visible damage. The final repairs may be more extensive than what this initial estimate reveals.

Step 2: The Tear-Down

During this step, technicians disassemble the vehicle to uncover any hidden damage, if necessary. Once the auto body shop in Middletown, NJ has reported all damages and repairs are authorized, technicians order the required parts. If the damage to the vehicle does not require tear-down, this step simply involves ordering parts and scheduling the work for the vehicle.

Step 3: The Repairs

This step involves a lot more than taking a hammer to any dents in the car. Technicians use an electronic measuring system to restore the vehicle to factory specifications. They then complete suspension repairs and wheel alignments if needed. All mechanical repairs are also completed. After structural and mechanical integrity have been restored, body work can be performed.

Step 4: The Refinishing

Technicians at the auto body shop in Middletown, NJ now prep the vehicle for a smooth finish. Sanding and priming occur. Technicians apply the color or base coat and complete it with a clear coat for protection. Lastly, they polish the painted surfaces to produce a glossy finish.

Step 5: The Reassembly

Once all repairs and painting are complete, technicians reassemble the car. All accessory components are restored, such as airbag systems and wiring that was disconnected to allow for repairs. Trim and moldings are put back in place. Once all parts are reinstalled, the technician performs a test drive to ensure proper operation of all systems.

Step 6: The Detailing

Before the car is returned to its owner, it receives a detailed wash and interior cleaning. Technicians polish the body paint and clean and buff surfaces. Components are checked once again to ensure everything is operating properly. If it passes all tests, the clean car is ready to be returned to the owner.

Step 7: The Final Inspection

The fully restored car is now returned to the owner. The auto body shop in Middletown, NJ explains to the owner all repairs made and reviews the final list of expenses. The vehicle owner performs an inspection with the shop representative to verify the vehicle is in acceptable condition before approving the repairs and accepting the vehicle back from the shop.

Ready for Step 1?

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