Paint Sealant vs. Regular Car Wax: Which to Choose?

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You want your car to outshine the rest. You want to protect its beautiful finish so it looks great for many years down the road. To achieve this lasting luster, what should you use? Is it better to apply paint sealant or regular car wax during your auto body painting in Middletown, NJ?

Many car owners ask this question, and the answer depends on several factors. To help you choose the best product for your vehicle, ask yourself the following additional questions.

Do I want to focus on durability or aesthetics?

Car wax offers low to moderate durability, but high aesthetics. It increases shine and helps cover imperfections in your vehicle’s auto painting in Middletown, NJ. However, it is not the best when it comes to durability.

Paint sealant offers moderate to high durability but low to moderate enhancement in the area of aesthetics. As you consider the options for your finishing product, determine which quality is a greater priority for you.

Where does my car spend the most time?

Even the best car wax has a melting point. If your dark-colored car will be sitting in the hot sun all day, after a few hours the wax will be gone due to evaporation. If your car spends much of its time in the garage, this won’t be a problem.

Do you take your car to a car wash frequently? Car waxes are not very durable when it comes to harsh detergents found in touchless car washes. Paint sealant offers greater resistance to these chemicals to better protect your car.

Do I want to enhance my auto body painting in Middletown, NJ?

If your goal is to put a perfect shine on your car, a wax option typically beats a paint sealant. Car wax enhances colors and provides a rich, deep finish. It also helps fill in minor imperfections in your auto painting in Middletown, NJ. On darker cars, wax adds dimension and depth. On lighter colors, it creates a rich, vibrant appearance.

Can I tell the difference?

Today’s sealants have come a long way. Created from man-made materials, they can be crafted to offer a variety of properties. Some even include car wax in the ingredients. This has made the gap between the two products smaller. While each still offers some unique advantages, both help polish your car for a fine finish.

What do I prefer to use?

Ultimately, you should choose a product you will use. If you find car wax easier to work with, buy car wax. Even if you prefer the durability of a sealant, you won’t experience it if you never use it. Find a product that suits you and stick with it. Either one will help enhance the look of your car.

If you need additional advice on the best product to use for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to ask an expert on auto body painting in Middletown, NJ. With in depth knowledge of various finishes and products, they can offer insight into the best solution for your particular vehicle. Contact the pros at Lentz Auto Body today with any questions.

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