Debunking the Most Widely Believed Myths About Car Detailing in Middletown, NJ

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Washing your vehicle at home or taking it through an automatic gas station car wash is a great way to remove dirt and other environmental debris from exterior surfaces, especially since caked-on dirt and bird droppings can damage auto paint, while prematurely aging the vehicle’s overall appearance. But even once in a while you might want to consider investing in getting your car professionally detailed from the inside out.

Washing your vehicle at home is like changing the motor oil yourself—every so often, you should still take it to an auto shop for a professional oil change, checkup, tune-up and other fluid changes. You get complete service from the pros. Along those same lines, auto detailing focuses on the details of your vehicle to keep the interior and exterior looking like new.

Unfortunately, false information has turned people away from professional auto detailing services. Here’s a closer look at the truth behind some of most widely spread myths about car detailing in Middletown, NJ.

Myth #1: Any soapy cleaning agent will do

Although a mild dishwashing soap works wonders for many cleaning tasks aside from washing dishes, washing your car with it is not one of them. This is because dish soap is designed to remove grease, oils and stubborn food particles, which means it will strip away car wax and other protective coatings. Always use a specially manufactured car wash soap.

Myth #2: The most expensive wax is the best

Like many other products, more expensive does not necessarily mean better. The performance of a $30 car wax versus a $100 version depends on how it is made, the ingredients it contains and how it is applied and removed from paint. To be sure you’re getting the best possible waxing, utilize the services of a professional auto detailer.

Myth #3: Waxing will remove swirl marks

Unfortunately, those swirl marks you see on your car paint are actually paint damage. They are classified as scratches and the only way to remove them is to polish them out and away. Hand polishing is not very effective, so a car polisher will need to be used. Make sure to still wax your vehicle even though swirl marks are present.

Myth #4: A shiny car does not need detailing

The truth is, paint can look shiny, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean. When it comes to the terms “cleaning” and “washing,” know that they are not the same thing. Washing is removing dirt and grime from paint and windows, while auto paint cleaning results in the removal of oxidized paint.

Myth #5: Any old piece of cloth works for washing

Old, soft rags are great for washing your car with, right? Not exactly. Using any piece of cloth—like old t-shirts, bed sheets and towels—to wash, polish or detail your car can actually scratch the paint. Professional car detailing supplies are what need to be used.

From gentle car washes to auto upholstery and carpet cleaning, you will be more than happy with Lentz Auto Body’s auto detailing in Middletown, NJ. Contact us for more information about auto detailing or to schedule an appointment today!

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