Should I Wash My Car Before I Bring It in to Be Painted?

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If you’re having your vehicle painted, you’re likely taking it to a professional to ensure the work is done right. And while you might be leaving your auto painting in Middletown, NJ in the hands of a professional, there are still a few things you should be doing to your vehicle before you hand it over for painting—including giving your vehicle a thorough washing.

Washing your vehicle before it’s painted is a critical step in ensuring your new paint job comes out looking great. It’ll prevent debris from becoming trapped between paint layers, and it’ll ensure a smooth, even, thorough coat that looks great for years to come.

Help your detailer out!

Most people don’t wash their vehicle before they take it in for auto body painting in Middletown, NJ because they assume the detailer will do it for them. Technically, this is correct—any auto paint shop that prides itself in doing a good job is going to thoroughly clean any vehicle before they start painting it. But this shouldn’t stop you, the owner, from giving your auto a bath!

The reason you’ll want to give your vehicle a complete and thorough scrub-down before bringing it in for paint is to ensure every inch of it is clean—even the parts that won’t be painted. This helps to ensure the paint process can progress smoothly and unimpeded. The last thing you want is for the cleaning of your vehicle by a painter to take longer, delaying the turnaround of the paint job itself.

How to thoroughly clean your car

You might think that running your vehicle through a car wash is the quickest way to clean it before custom auto painting in Middletown, NJ… and you’d be right! However, the quickest way is far from the most thorough way. To ensure a thorough cleaning, you’re going to need to drag out the hose and bucket at home.

The reason you’ll want to wash your vehicle by hand is simple: you’re going to get into all of the little crevices and nooks that a car wash has no hope of reaching. In fact, washing your vehicle at home also gives you the opportunity to be even more thorough in preparation for a paint job:

  • You can open the doors, trunk and hood to clean away any debris that might be present in the gaps.
  • You can scrub parts of the undercarriage where car washes might lack cleaning power, to ensure any potential paint areas are free of debris.
  • You can clean around delicate areas, such as mirrors, fins, antenna, spoilers and other features.

Spend some quality time with your car before you hand it over to a detailer! The result will be a cleaner auto that’s ready for painting, less work for the detailing professional and a quicker, better turnaround on your paint job. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of a job well done with your own hands. To learn more, contact Lentz Auto Body today!

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