Teach Your Teen About Safe Driving to Avoid Costly Collision Repairs in Middletown, NJ

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If your teen causes an auto accident or crashes into a structure, rest assured you’ll be the one responsible for paying for damages. This is all the more reason to sit down and have a talk about how driving is a privilege, not a right. Here are some safe driving tips you can teach your new teen driver to avoid costly collision repairs in Middletown, NJ:

  • Remove distractions: Although anyone at any age can get distracted while driving, it’s today’s young adult drivers who are especially likely to take their eyes off the road. This problem is in part due to technological advances like cell phones, bright radio screens and dashboard GPS systems, not to mention transporting fellow teenage passengers. Between talking, texting, surfing the Internet and taking selfies, cell phones are the most distracting of all. Talk to your teen about the importance of removing distractions before hitting the road, and inform them of the dangers of failing to do so.
  • Keep a safe driving distance: As a veteran driver with a new driver in your household, it makes sense to pass down your driving wisdom. Really ingrain in them the implications of failing to keep a safe driving distance: traffic fines and expensive collision repairs in Middletown, NJ. Teach them that rear-ending collisions happen when a driver doesn’t leave an adequate amount of stopping space between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. (This is also known as tailgating.) This can also be a problem when the driver ahead of you swerves to avoid a road obstruction. They miss it, but you’re so close to their bumper that you hit the obstruction yourself.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel: It typically takes both hands to remain in control of a vehicle. For example, if you hit a dip or big bump in the road or find yourself in a situation that calls for evasive action, you can immediately correct. And driving a manual shift is no excuse for one-handed driving. Teach them to put their hand back on the wheel with the other after shifting gears to maintain full control over the vehicle. In addition, keeping both hands on the steering wheel can prevent distracted driving. With both hands occupied, your teen won’t be able to succumb to distractions like texting, talking on the phone or eating.
  • Park in a good spot: While auto collisions are at the top of the list of causes of auto body damage, a large majority of body damage actually occurs when the vehicle is parked. Suggest that your teenager only park in spaces away from other vehicles, whenever possible, and also to park in spots that are wide enough. Otherwise, other car doors could open onto their car, causing all sorts of cosmetic damage, like dents and scratched paint.

You cannot rely on your child’s high school teaching them everything they need to know about driving, which is why it’s important for parents and guardians to take the lead on the topic. Help them to be good, responsible drivers.

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