Four Reasons to Have Collision Repair in Middletown, NJ Sooner Rather Than Later

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It doesn’t matter how serious an auto accident was—there’s always a lot running through your mind after you’ve been in a collision. You’re worried about injuries to yourself, your passengers, the other driver and even bystanders. You’re probably thinking about whether or not you need to call 911 for police and ambulance services. Then, you’ve got to worry about how you’re going to get to your destination—is your car even drivable?

Getting your car repaired may be the last thing on your mind, especially if it was just a minor accident or a fender bender. However, once you and everyone else involved in the accident are confirmed to be okay, you should really think about collision repair in Middletown, NJ. Here are a few reasons to bring your car to us for repair before it’s too late:

  • Not all damage is visible: There are a whole lot of parts of a car that need to work in sync to get you from point A to point B. The smallest collision that throws off just one aspect of your car’s internal workings can render your vehicle useless until it’s fixed. For example, a fender bender could damage an axle, which could ruin your whole drive train. Even if you can drive off from an accident, bring your car to our shop and have our technicians diagnose the situation to determine if there’s any major damage that’s lying beneath the surface.
  • Damage can get worse: Car damage tends to have a domino effect. A small issue can quickly turn into a bigger problem. At its simplest, a small scratch snowballs into a rusty spot. At its worst, an unfixed internal problem in one system spreads to others and will eventually require extensive repairs or result in a total breakdown if unaddressed. One damaged system usually makes others work harder, which leads to greater wear and tear.
  • Avoid a rusty body: You probably see rusty cars and trucks on the road all the time. It’s not a good look. Many times, that rust happens because the owner neglects to bring their vehicle in for collision repair in Middletown, NJ. Small scratches in the paint can lead to big chips and exposed metal. Without a nice coat of paint, your car’s metal body is susceptible to damage from the elements, which eventually leads to ugly rust formations on the body. Our professionals will repair any dents or scratches and repaint the area to expertly match your car’s color.
  • Peace of mind: Most of us depend on our vehicles to get around. Don’t risk being late to work or school if your car breaks down in the middle of the road after what seemed like a minor collision. Have peace of mind that your car will run perfectly by bringing your vehicle to our shop ASAP if you happen to get in a wreck.

When you’re in need in collision repair in Middletown, NJ, we hope you’ll call Lentz Auto Body to learn more about all of our collision repair and automotive repainting services.

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