Determining the Cost of Dent Repair in Middletown, NJ

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A high deductible on your insurance policy or the decision to finance auto body repairs out-of-pocket may lead you to inquire about the cost of dent repair in Middletown, NJ. Like any other types of auto repair, the total cost depends on a combination of elements. Here are the factors we use to determine the type of dent repair and the cost when you bring your car to our shop:

  • Location of dent: A dent located in an accessible spot requires less work to fix than one that is harder to reach. If a dent requires a lift and other effort to access, that will lead to more labor costs than a dent located on a noticeable place on your passenger side door. If your vehicle has a unique shape, that could also make a dent difficult to locate and repair.
  • Paint damage: If the dent has not hurt your paint, then we can usually fix it with the paintless dent repair technique. This method is very affordable, and we can finish it quickly—often within a day. However, if you faced a big impact and it has compromised the paint, you will pay more and the repair will take longer. For these dents, you are likely looking at a cost of $50 to $120 for a dent that is one inch wide. From there, it is often an additional $10 to $30 for every inch. Large dents that are 12 inches long or more are likely insurance claims because they result from serious accidents.
  • Make and model of vehicle: It is always going to be more expensive to fix a Mercedes than a Honda Accord. This is due to different manufacturing standards and the fact that the quality of paint varies between models. Hardier vehicles can also be difficult to fix and require more effort from our staff, which increases the price of repair.
  • Similar damage in the same area: This considers the number of dents. For example, hail damage results in numerous dents, and we may end up working on your car door longer than usual. Also, the extent of damage can be different between dents. A hail dent on one spot could avoid removing paint, while another one practically cracks the car’s surface. In these cases, we use multiple methods to address the damage, and that is time consuming as well as labor intensive, which increases the cost of repair.
  • Dealership vs. small shop: Who repairs your dents will also determine the cost. Dealerships, especially for a high-end make like Mercedes, will charge more than a small shop that may not have the same expertise. Also, shops that are part of a large franchise may produce good quality work and have access to the latest technology. Since they work in bulk, they might charge less, but they could also charge more. Small shops are usually the least expensive.

To have access to our many options for dent repair in Middletown, NJ, call Lentz Auto Body today. We handle both cash and insurance claims.

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